Listeners who appreciated Delaney & Bonnie in the ’70s — or who enjoy the Tedeschi Trucks Band today — will find a similarly eclectic and soulful mindset at work in the music of The Freeway Jubilee.”

Bill Kopp - Music Journalist/Historian


Dedicated song crafting has always been the cornerstone of The Freeway Jubilee. A collective of multiple song-writers formed in Asheville in 2015, the group has maintained a heavy tour schedule since their inception and forged a true brotherhood on the road. Always striving to evoke an emotional experience in their listeners, the band continues to shape their lyrics and powerful vocal harmonies towards the human condition, inspired by the real life experiences of a traveling band on the current American landscape. Their refreshing, explosive blend of gospel-tinged southern rock and hard-driving soulful grooves, met with a flare of psychedelic mountain music, translates into a genre-dissolving sound that feels strangely familiar yet remains entirely unique to itself.

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On the Horizon - Volume 1

The Freeway Jubilee

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The Freeway Jubilee is excited to independently release On The Horizon Vol. 1 on November 12. The Freeway Jubilee's evocative blend of gospel-tinged southern rock and hard-driving soulful grooves is met with a flare of psychedelic mountain music and a strong dedication to the craft of the song.

Produced by Kenny Crowley and The Freeway Jubilee, On The Horizon Vol.1 was recorded mostly at the band’s home studio in Asheville, NC, mixed by Robin Applewood and Kyle Brone, and mastered by Justin Weis at [Sammy Hagar, Papa Roach, The Polish Ambassador, NOFX].

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